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Water Hand

Written by Vicky Chakraborty

January 4, 2022

How to identify?

Narrow rectangular (Palm Length > Palm Width) soft palm with long (Finger Length almost equal to Palm Length) fingers, often filled with delicate fine lines, the fingers can be quite flexible.

Positive Traits

Intuitive, sensitive, emotional, compassionate, empathic, caring, spiritual.

Negative Traits

Self-absorbed, depressed, moody, passive, over-sensitive, impressionable, needy, introverted.


Relationships: These people need emotional involvement with their partners. They are highly responsive to their partner’s needs and at times can lose their identity in relationships. They should avoid needy people.

Work: They love to work in an environment where they can receive an emotional response from others. Caring and healing professions are quite suitable for them since they love to advise, care and support. They are also quite creative and can work well in fashion and artistic fields. They should avoid vocations that require a logical, practical, and rational approach.

Personality: These people have a highly flexible and adaptable approach to life. They are caring and sensitive souls who can support others during an emotional crisis. They are easily drawn to anything related to mystery, dreams, arts, imagination, etc. Their challenge is to overcome self-doubt and pessimism. Escaping through addictions is easy for them which is why they should avoid addictions. They avoid conflicts and competition.

Health Issues

They are quite prone to quickly gaining weight, psychological disorders, and problems of the nervous system.

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