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Earth Hand

Written by Vicky Chakraborty

January 2, 2022

How to identify?

Broad square palm (Palm Width = Palm Length), short (Finger Length < Palm Length) thick fingers, firm or fleshy palm, few deep and clear lines.

Positive Traits

Practical, logical, dependable, secure, stable, strong, hard-working, loyal.

Negative Traits

Inflexible, stubborn, overly conservative, skeptical.


Relationships: These people are loyal partners who offer material security and comfort. They are closed, quiet, and have difficulty expressing their emotions. They are often misunderstood as being emotionally insensitive or a loner. This can sometimes cause misunderstandings in their relationships. Family is very important to them and they usually have large families or lots of pets. They will do everything they can to support their family.

Work: These people are careful and cautious when it comes to money. They do not believe in abstract ideas and have more faith in concepts that have been tried and tested. They like to learn from first-hand experience. Their approach to work is practical and financial security is of paramount importance. They are suitable for professions that require physical endurance, strength, and manual skills.

Personality: These people are strongly built and can work very hard. They are avid followers of rules and routines. They prefer to stay near home or familiar surroundings and have a predictable lifestyle. Their main focus is to build a secure foundation for their future. Tradition, creature comforts (food, wine, sex), and financial rewards are important for them. Activities such as building, cooking, and gardening are therapeutic for them.

Health Issues

Common health issues include clogging up of the arteries (high cholesterol) or of the intestines (constipation). Exercise and movement can help counter these problems.

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