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Air Hand

Written by Vicky Chakraborty

January 4, 2022

How to identify?

Square (Palm Length = Palm Width) light boned palm, long (Finger Length almost equal to or greater than Palm Length) fingers, long clear lines.

Positive Traits

Original, curious, sense of humor, analytical, talkative, witty, intelligent, independent.

Negative Traits

Restless, impatient, fickle, sarcastic, critical, aloof.


Relationships: These people are fun to hand around with. They can impress their partners with wit and charm. They need their own space and can appear aloof. Ideas, observations, and discussions are more interesting to them than emotional dramas. They have a habit of guarding their emotions. They prefer to have small families.

Work: They love to work in an environment where they can communicate, analyze and share ideas. Teaching and writing come naturally to them. They excel in academics. They are also good with phones and computers. They are usually multi-talented and may be involved in different kinds of work. They can be quite scattered which often affects their progress.

Personality: These people are full of enthusiasm and curiosity. They are good at juggling ideas. They love to discuss, argue, debate, and teach whenever the opportunity arises. They are also good at making plans and schemes. They can make people laugh with their good sense of humor.

Health Issues

They are quite prone to respiratory problems and nervous tension.

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