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Fire Hand

Written by Vicky Chakraborty

January 4, 2022

How to identify?

Rectangular Palm (Palm Length > Palm Width), short (Finger Length < Palm Length) fingers, firm palm, deep lines.

Positive Traits

Goal-Oriented, charismatic, self-starting, risk-taker, competitive, passionate.

Negative Traits

Impatient, controlling, impulsive, short-tempered, egocentric.


Relationships: These people are active seekers of excitement. Sex serves as a natural way of expressing their passion. They get bored easily and need variety in relationships. Outdoor experiences which include thrill, adventure, and excitement are important for them.

Work: These people are very passionate about their work. They prefer glory and acclaim over financial security. They are competitive, keen to initiate events and drive things forward. They only study long enough to acquire a skill or ability that enables them to progress and achieve. They are very target-oriented.

Personality: These people love to live life to the fullest. They are not afraid to take risks or gamble on their hunches. They have energy and enthusiasm in abundance.

Health Issues

Common health issues include stress-related disorders like hypertension, insomnia, etc They are also quite prone to burnout.

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