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Mount Of Venus In Palmistry: A Quick And Easy Guide!

Written by Vicky Chakraborty

June 25, 2022

If you’re interested in palm reading, you may have heard about the Mount of Venus.

In palmistry, it’s considered one of the most essential features as it’s closely associated with your romantic prospects, relationships, and family life.

It can also reveal a wide range of information about your personality, such as your physical vitality, passion for life, capacity to love and share, etc.

In this quick and easy guide, we’ll look at everything you need to know about your Mount of Venus and how you can read it accurately. So, let’s get started!

Venus In Ancient Mythology

A picture of Goddess Venus or Aphrodite

In Ancient Mythology, Venus is identified as the goddess of love, both spiritual and also physical. Known as Aphrodite to the Greeks, she is the siren of love and charm. She is the giver of pleasure and the patroness of the arts who inspires creativity in all forms.

The people deeply loved Venus/Aphrodite. Ancient Rome and Greece had a massive range of cults dedicated to the goddess of love.

The name Venus means “born of the sea foam.” When Saturn castrated his father, Uranus, a few drops of blood fell into the ocean and mixed with the sea foam. Venus emerged out of this union in all her splendor on a seashell surrounded by pearls. Her throne in Olympus was decorated with the most dazzling and lustrous shells.

As the siren of love, Venus is popular for her long and passionate affair with Mars. Bonds of love and passion connected the most feminine and beautiful goddess to one of the most virile and masculine gods. Together they represent the supreme pairing of masculinity and femininity. Mars was not married to Venus; instead, he was her lover.

In astrology, Venus rules two signs: Libra and Taurus. Each stands for a different aspect of the Venusian energy.

Libra stands for the aesthetic and harmony-loving aspects of the planet. It gathers people together in peace and cooperation.

Taurus is the earthy and sensual part of Venus. It highlights all of the associations with beautiful material possessions and pleasures.

The features of both these signs apply to the Venus Mount in palm reading.

Where Is The Mount Of Venus Located?

the location of mount of Venus on a hand

The mount of Venus is located at the base of your thumb and surrounded by your life line.

What Does It Mean If You Have A Lot Or A Little Of This Mount?

You can judge the mount either by its width or height.

  • You can determine the width of your Venus mount by referring to your life line.
  • You can determine the height of your Venus mount by measuring its fullness. This can be done by squeezing your thumb ball between the index finger and the thumb.

The size of your Venus mount is essential in determining your relationship compatibility.

If you have a high or wide mount of Venus, but your partner has a flat or narrow mount of Venus, then there can be problems in your relationship.

Ideally, the Venus mount should be of the same size as your partner.

Wide Mount Of Venus

a wide mount of Venus shown on a real hand

Your Venus mount is considered wide when your life line creates a large sweep.

It indicates that you’re generous, considerate, and warm-hearted. A wide mount also adds enthusiasm, stamina, and energy to your personality.

Narrow Mount Of Venus

a narrow mount of Venus shown on a real hand

Your Venus mount is considered narrow when your life line is closer to the thumb and has a small sweep.

It indicates that you’re cautious, laid-back, and may lack energy and zest for life. Please note that other features on your palm may counter these indications.

Prominent Mount Of Venus

how a prominent Venus mount looks on a real hand

If you have a large, full springy muscle with pinkish skin texture, you’re energetic and have a lot of stamina.

You might also be fond of good food, material things, sports, exercise, and an active lifestyle.

Often a strong love affair will increase the size of the Venus mount.

Overdeveloped (Substantial Elevation) Mount Of Venus

an overdeveloped Venus mount on the palm of a man

If your Venus Mount looks like a balloon about to burst, as shown in the above image, you will have a strong drive for physical passion, money, pleasures, and beauty.

Unless countered by a strong thumb which indicates good self-control, this feature can also make you prone to obesity due to overindulgence.

Flabby And Soft Mount Of Venus

If your Venus Mount feels spongy like a cushion, you may tend to tire quickly and may not be too fond of physical activities.

This feature also indicates that you’re quite fond of luxury and comfort in your life.

Flat/Underdeveloped Mount Of Venus

a flat Venus mount on the palm of a woman

If your Venus mount looks flat or deflated, you may lack energy, vitality, and warmth. You will have a cooler temperament and an unsentimental approach when relating to others.

In some instances, it may also indicate surgeries or operations on the reproductive system.

It’s interesting to note that the mount of venus loses its fullness as you age. It indicates the impact of aging on your overall vitality.

What Can The Mount Of Venus Reveal About You?

If the mount of Venus is the most prominent mount in your hand, you’ll have a talent for homemaking, raising a family, and creative arts (dance, music, etc).

In the following section, we will explore the effects of Venus mount on your personality, career, and relationships.


Love is your defining trait when you have a strong mount of Venus. You express love in many forms: romantic, sensual, platonic, and humanitarian. You like to enjoy the sensual pleasures of life. You have excellent taste in art and beauty.

Venus adds generosity and warmth to your personality. Depending on other features of the hand, you might be interested in voluntary and charity activities.

Your sincere and genuine approach gives you the ability to make friends easily. You’re a sympathetic listener; people find comfort and healing in your presence.

You enjoy having your home tastefully furnished and filled with bright, cheery colors. Nurturing instincts come naturally to you, and you like taking care of your loved ones.

Your home is always open to your friends, and you are pretty generous when sharing your time, money, attention, and energy.

You love compliments and might be susceptible to flattery. You must trust only the right people, as others may take advantage of your desire to please and maintain harmony. If you have a small and supple thumb and a well-developed mount of Venus, you may have difficulty saying “No” to people. Creating healthy boundaries will help you manage such situations.

You may not believe in holding grudges. You like to forgive and forget.

You like adornments, dressing up, and being the center of attention. Being admired brings you joy.


You might be interested in professions that involve helping others, e.g., providing healing, therapy, and emotional safe harbor for others.

You have an inborn appreciation for careers related to the fine arts. You’ll excel in creative endeavors, e.g., music, dance, acting, etc.


Influenced by the goddess of love, romance, sexuality, and pleasure form an essential part of your love life.

If you have a developed mount of Venus, then sexual relations and romance play an important role in your life.

Venus and Mars are legendary lovers. So you might be fond of assertive and strong people who have a developed mount of Mars.

You love to be taken care of and might be attracted to a career-oriented and high-achieving spouse.

Marriage or partnership is your natural state of being. Even as you age, you will continue to remain kind and affectionate with your partner.

Family life is very important for you; you love to play and make time for your kids.

You may often find yourself in a codependent relationship, where your spouse’s needs become more important than your own.

Is Your Mount Of Venus Smooth or Grilled: Know The Difference!

Your Venus mount can either be grilled or smooth, regardless of its size.

Each type has its own meaning, which we will explore in this section.

Smooth Venus Mount

a palm image showing a smooth Venus mount

When you have few or no lines on the mount, it’s considered as smooth. This feature indicates that your personality is more attuned to the aesthetic and idealistic aspects of Venus.

You may have high romantic ideals.

Your emotions are stirred deeply by sentiment, flowers, music, and poetry.

Your sense of aesthetics is keen, and you admire art and beauty in all forms.

Grilled Venus Mount

a section of a persons palm showing a grilled Venus mount

When you have a lot of horizontal and vertical lines crossing each other, forming a grille-like pattern on the mount, it’s considered grilled. This feature intensifies the sexual aspects of Venus in your personality.

Sexual gratification is important for you.

You enjoy amorous adventures.

You may have an intense sex drive and high libido.

Markings On The Mount Of Venus: What They Mean For You!

There can be various signs and markings on your Venus Mount and they have their own meaning.

Let’s explore them one by one:

Horizontal Lines On Venus Mount

an example of horizontal line on Venus mount

When there are numerous horizontal lines located on your mount of Venus, it indicates that you tend to worry a lot.

The depth of these lines will determine the intensity of your worries. These worries are usually associated with domestic stress.

When you don’t have any of these lines, you don’t get affected much by emotions and personal problems.

Vertical Lines On Venus Mount

an example of vertical lines on Venus mount

Vertical lines on your mount of Venus signify people and their influence.

They usually represent family members, friends, teachers, children, or even a favorite animal companion.

You can determine how strong the influence is by checking the vertical line’s depth and its proximity to the lifeline.

Venus Mount Crease

a rare Venus mount crease on the palm of a  person

It’s a deep horizontal line/crease on the Mount Of Venus. Some palmists refer to this line as the loyalty crease.

If you have this feature in your palm, then you might have a strong sense of loyalty, trust, and commitment. You also have a strong need to belong.

Maintaining and preserving ties with your familial, cultural, and social groups are important to you.

When this crease cuts the life line, you may experience betrayal or a situation that involves a loyalty crisis. It can also signal the end of a very deep bond, e.g., a divorce. The timing of the event can be calculated from the life line.

Retreat Line

how to spot a retreat line on a Venus mount

It’s a deep vertical line at the base of the Mount of Venus and inside the life line.

If you have this line, you’ll have an inner desire to retreat to a quiet place later in life, e.g., a remote cabin in the woods.

Square, Star, Island, and Triangle On Venus Mount

a square on the mount of Venus

A square on your Mount of Venus will help you overcome the harmful effects of the mount like lust, passion, etc.

It can indicate restrictions due to family or emotional confinement.

a star on the mount of Venus

A star on your Mount of Venus will make you charming and increase your chances of attracting a mate.

You may also have a craving for luxury with this sign. An ill-formed star may indicate scandals in your love life.

an island on the mount of Venus

An island on your Mount of Venus indicates a problem with your health, marriage, or family life.

a triangle on the mount of Venus

A triangle on your Mount of Venus helps you control your passion and make calculated decisions in matters of love.

It can also indicate that your marriage will be prosperous in terms of finances.

Angle Of Dexterity: Do You Have A Knack For Rhythm?

a protruding lower knuckle of the thumb on a mans hand called as angle of dexterity

A protruding lower joint of the thumb is called the angle of dexterity. In traditional palmistry, it was called the craftsman angle.

If you have this sign, you might not be fond of desk-bound jobs. You prefer to work with your hands.

This feature also gives you a good sense of rhythm. You will be good at work that involves rhythmic activities like dancing, playing a musical instrument, etc.

Angle Of Timing: Find Out How Punctual You Are!

angle of timing on a mans hand

A protruding bone at the Venus Mount’s lower base is called the angle of timing. Some palmists refer to it as the angle of harmony.

If you have this sign, then you might have a theme in your life around punctuality. You might either be very punctual or not punctual at all.

Skin Ridge Patterns On The Mount Of Venus: Discover Your True Nature

Loop On Venus Mount

how a loop appears on the mount of Venus

An upward rising loop on your mount of Venus shows that you love rhythm, music, and dancing.

Regardless of whether you develop these talents, music will always play an important role in your life.

Whorl On Venus Mount

how a whorl appears on the mount of Venus

If you have a whorl on your Venus mount, you are most likely to have an investigative and unbiased interest in all matters associated with sex and sexual identity.

You may also be fond of mobile and unconventional households. This sign is common amongst people who live in caravans, boats, tree houses, etc.


The Mount of Venus is an important physical characteristic that can say a lot about you. It can reveal your personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and even give insights into your love life.

By understanding how to judge the size of your Venus mount and what the different markings on it mean, you can better understand who you are as a person.

We hope that this article has been both informative and entertaining. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with us below.


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