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Saturn Return: An Important & Powerful Astro Cycle On Your Palm

Written by Claire

Claire has trained over a number of years both privately and through the College of Psychic Studies in London, and uses Tarot, Palmistry, and Astrology with her Psychic and Mediumship skills as tools to facilitate a therapeutic reading for the client.

February 16, 2023

Saturn is known as a planet of discipline and responsibility. It governs our limitations, structures, and commitments.

When Saturn returns to its place in the sky around which it orbited at the time of your birth, it is said to mark an important life cycle. It marks a powerful time in your life, with important lessons to be learned.

If you’re curious about what your Saturn Return might mean for you and how you can spot its effects on your palm, read on!

What Is A Saturn Return?

To coin a well-known phrase: a Saturn Return is exactly what it says on the tin! A planet’s “return” is when the transiting planet, in this case, Saturn, returns to the same place or position in the sky that it was in when you were born. (The planets don’t stop spinning just because we’ve arrived!)

So how does it do this? Every planet in our solar system has a specific orbit or path to follow in its journey around the Sun.

Some planets have a much longer orbit than others – such as Pluto, which has an orbit of around 248 years… now that’s a wowza!

Pluto is farthest from our Sun, so it takes longer to complete a cycle or return, whereas Saturn is much closer to our Sun and has a shorter cycle of about 29 years.

So the first time Saturn completes this 29-year cycle is your first Saturn return, the second Saturn return occurs when you are around age 58, and your third Saturn return happens when you are about 87 years old.

What Does A Saturn Return Mean For Me?

Traditionally Saturn is considered by astrologers to be the planet of karma, structure, limitations, focus, and discipline, and its Return is often seen as a time of reckoning, growth, and maturation.

So, when a Saturn Return occurs in your chart, it can be a period of intense self-reflection and evaluation. During this phase, you may be challenged to reassess your goals and values and make changes to align yourself with your true purpose and desires.

Overall, it’s a transformative period that can be challenging but also immensely rewarding since it provides you with an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.

How Do I Find Out When My Saturn Return Begins?

There’s quite a lot of discussion about when the Saturn Return occurs.

Is it when transiting Saturn returns to the exact degree of where it was in the sky when you were born or is it when Saturn enters the ‘House’ or the Sign in which it was situated…? (More on the Houses and Signs later!)

My personal view is that the themes of your Saturn return are strongest and at their most intense when transiting Saturn is within 3 degrees of the position of your natal Saturn. What we do know for sure is that Saturn’s Return occurs around the ages of 29, 58, and 87.

If you do want to keep track of Saturn’s journey, you can use an ephemeris – these clever books track the past, present, and future planetary activity and positions – so we can pinpoint where the planets were at the moment we were born onto this Earth…. Pretty neat, right?

I like using a paperback Ephemeris myself, as running my finger down the Saturn column means I can not only track what Saturn is doing but also keep an eye on what the other planets are doing! It’s also possible to find online versions of the ephemeris, and you can also use a Saturn Return Calculator if that’s your preference.

How Long Does A Saturn Return Last?

How long a Saturn Return lasts actually varies from person to person, as we all have our own life paths!

When Saturn returns to its place in the sky around which it orbited at the time of your birth, it may only spend a few days in that position, but it can be about a much longer period of time.

For some people, their Saturn Return is about making that one split-second decision that propels them into the next phase or cycle of their life, and for others, it’s a lengthier process of multiple changes or decisions.

Astrologically, a Saturn Return can last for approximately 2.5 – 3 years.

How Can I Spot The Effects Of A Saturn Return On My Palms?

Amazingly we can all spot the effects of a Saturn Return on our hands – and even if you haven’t had one yet, we can still have a look!

There are many different markings on the palm, which can indicate changes or life events, such as those that would occur during a Saturn Return.

So let’s have a look at a few which may turn up on your hands around those ages of 29, 58, or 87!

horizontal bar line on the palm indicating the effect of Saturn return

Take the Life Line, for example – a horizontal line traveling across the Lifeline at around ages 29, 58, or 87 indicates a new life experience or life event.

extended horizontal bar line crossing the headline and reaching the heartline on the palm indicating the effect of Saturn return

If this line reaches both the Head line and Heart line too, it suggests that the life event could trigger a change in perspective, ideas, knowledge, and approach or outlook on life, alongside a profound and meaningful emotional experience, such as a new relationship.

branch line pointing towards the middle finger rising from the life line on the palm indicating the effect of Saturn return

A new branch emerging from the Life Line pointing towards the Middle Finger can also indicate new commitments, a change in career direction, or even a mortgage (especially if it’s on the left hand).

a branch of fate taking over the main fate line on the palm indicating a new focus or commitment during a Saturn return

Another interesting marking is a new branch next to the Fate Line, which can represent a new focus, direction, and effort in life, like starting a side business or taking on more responsibilities at home. Sometimes this new direction can run alongside the initial focus for a few years before taking over as your primary focus.

Of course, with Saturn being involved, sometimes we can feel a little stuck in our ways or routine during this time, so if you see boxes around the major lines, it could suggest possible challenges or even feeling “boxed in.” If the box is inside the Life Line, there could be challenges or pressures in your inner world or private life.

Suppose we were to look at your Saturn Return using an ephemeris or your natal chart. In that case, we could pinpoint the exact location of your natal Saturn and then use this alongside Palmistry to examine the markings on your hands – around the ages of 29, 58, and 87.

These would give us additional indications of which area(s) of your life your Saturn Return may bring into focus and what your unique experiences may be during this time.

Here is a quick overview of the houses and areas of your life that Saturn might influence during its Return:

If your Saturn return falls in the 1st House, this is all about you, your conscious self, and your life force!

If in the 2nd House, your broader values, such as those around money and wealth, may change.

The 3rd House is about your childhood, early learning, and communication.

Your home and home environment come to the forefront if your Saturn Return is in House 4.

House 5 is the area of creativity, romance, and children.

Work and health are the focuses of House 6.

House 7 is about relationships and relating to others.

There are a lot of different themes in House 8: Sex, life, death, other people’s money, and mysticism!

Higher learning, education, religion, and travel are all in House 9.

House 10 is about your career, public life, and aspirations.

Your hopes, wishes, aspirations, goals, and groups of people around you are the focus of House 11.

House 12 is all about karma (life experiences you are meant to have), your fears, institutions, and hidden enemies.

If you need clarification on your houses, you can visit this link to check your details.

What Can I Expect During My Saturn Return?

Well, a lot of changes can occur, that’s for sure.

You may start a new job or type of work, relocate your home, or let go of commitments that no longer bring you joy.

Your health and well-being might also come into focus as you reflect on whether you have a good work/life balance.

And let’s not forget finances – you might find yourself scrutinizing your spending habits and seeking ways to improve your financial flow.

But that’s not all – family and marriage can also come under the spotlight during your Saturn Return. You might become a parent at age 29, a grandparent at 58, and a great-grandparent at 87!

It’s a time of significant life changes and transitions.

And here’s the thing – if you talk to anyone you know, they’ll likely tell you about how their life changed around the ages of 29, 58, or 87. It’s all part of the cycles of life.

Whether it’s related to family and parenting, relocating to a new city or country, beginning or ending a marriage or relationship, or starting a new career path, we all experience different cycles during our lives.

After all, life would be pretty boring if it stayed the same forever, right?

The Challenges Of A Saturn Return

Your Saturn Return marks the end of your youthful freedom and the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

You might feel a sense of pressure to have your life together, to have a stable job, and to have found your purpose.

During this time, you might also face difficult life events, such as breakups, health problems, or other losses.

Another challenge of the Saturn Return is that it can bring up unresolved issues from your past. For example, you might revisit old wounds, childhood trauma, or unhealed relationships.

These challenges can be emotionally draining and may make you question your path in life. But it’s essential to face them head-on and work through them.

The Good Stuff In A Saturn Return

Firstly, a Saturn Return can give you the freedom and clarity to see situations in a whole new light.

You might even feel empowered by this change in perspective!

Sure, change can be tough sometimes, and there will likely be big and fundamental changes in one or more areas of your life.

But this can also be an amazing opportunity to realistically kickstart that dream you’ve been putting off, using structures and grounding to make it a reality.

A Saturn Return can also provide some much-needed reality checks. It might make you realize that you’d be happier doing a different type of work or living in a different city or country for a better lifestyle.

It might even make you rethink what you thought you wanted and push you towards discovering your true desires.

And if you do decide to make changes, a Saturn Return can provide the perfect time to reassess everything.

Take the opportunity to examine the situation from every angle and ask yourself if it still works for you. If it does, great! Commit to it and keep moving forward.

If not, trust that the universe has your back and is nudging you toward a new and exciting chapter in your life.

Remember, your potential as a human being is infinite, and a Saturn Return can help you tap into that.


A Saturn Return can seem like a challenging time for many people, but (and it’s a big BUT!!) this is only half of the story – the rest is up to you!

It can also be filled with incredible opportunities and the possibility of an exciting new chapter in our lives – it’s up to you as to what you make of it as you navigate your way into the next phase of your life.

So keep your eyes open in the months leading up to your 29th, 58th, or 87th birthday, and why wait for Saturn to take the wheel? Why not empower yourself by pre-empting your Saturn Return?

And, if you’re curious about how Saturn’s Return could impact your future possibilities, I’m here to help!

Discover What's In Store For You During Your Next Saturn Return
  • Get insights into what to expect during your Saturn Return.
  • Discover how to make the most of this important time in your life.
  • Learn about the potential challenges and rewards you could experience.


As someone who has years of experience in astrology and palm reading, I can give you an insider's look into the powerful astrological event known as Saturn Return.

By comparing your palm with your astrological chart, I can offer you a deeper understanding of what's in store for you during this time and help you prepare for any challenges or opportunities that may come your way.

So why wait? Book a session today, and let's work together to give you the clarity and guidance you need to live your best life!

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