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Middle Finger

Written by Vicky Chakraborty

January 24, 2022


In palmistry, middle fingers are associated with the earth element. They indicate our inner balance and describe ways in which we conform to authority, laws, rules, duties, responsibility, discipline, etc. They also indicate how grounded, stable, or secure we feel.

The middle finger is often used as a gesture to show disregard and contempt. It represents the structure and order of society and by separating it from the rest, the person expresses rebellion.

A well-formed middle finger is quite common on serious people involved with scientific research and businesspeople who deal with large amounts of money.

How To Measure A Long Middle Finger?

When this finger stands head and shoulders above the ring and index fingers, it’s considered to be long.

Positives Of A Long Middle Finger

  • They have a strong sense of morality and commitment.
  • They are good followers of rules and regulations.
  • They value their culture and traditions.

Negatives Of A Long Middle Finger

  • They need a lot of time of alone.
  • They might suffer from social alienation.
  • They are prone to melancholy and depression.

Other Characteristics Of A Long Middle Finger

They have a very serious approach to life. It’s sometimes difficult for them to see the bright and cheerful side of life.

How To Measure A Short Middle Finger?

When this finger is slightly longer than the ring or index finger then it’s considered to be short.

Characteristics Of A Short Middle Finger

People with short middle fingers have issues with society’s rules. They may either decide to drop out of the rat race or join an organization that provides the structure they lack. They are quite unconventional and hate a life that is bound by rules. It’s a common feature on the hands of anarchists. These people have a hard time shouldering on responsibilities.

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