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Ring Finger

Written by Vicky Chakraborty

January 24, 2022


In palmistry, ring fingers are associated with the fire element. They indicate the way we express ourselves publicly, our risk appetite, our sense of fun, and our creative and artistic abilities. Its also associated with the drive to show off and the need for attention.

Recent research also shows that our ring finger is associated with our testosterone levels which is why a well-developed ring finger is much more common in men.

Well-developed ring fingers are found on leaders in risky, showy, and competitive professions like military, sports, venture capitalism, politics, etc.

How To Measure A Long Ring Finger?

When this finger is longer than the index finger by approx 3mm or more, it’s considered to be long.

Positives Of A Long Ring Finger

  • They are very good when it comes to performing on public stage.
  • They can take big risks which can sometimes result in massive success.
  • They are quite competitive.

Negatives Of A Long Ring Finger

  • They can be quite superficial.
  • Their private self-value is low.
  • Their large risk appetite can lead them into destructive behaviors like gambling etc.

Other Characteristics Of A Long Ring Finger

They have a strong need for attention and a drive to show off. They place massive importance on their public reputation. Sometimes this excess need for attention can manifest itself as self-destructive behavior eg a motorcyclist who speeds recklessly on a highway. They avoid self-analysis. If supported by positive features they will have a deep drive to express their talents.

How To Measure A Short Ring Finger?

When the tip of this finger does not reach half of the top phalange of the middle finger, it’s considered to be short.

Characteristics Of A Short Middle Finger

These people place more importance on respect than fame. They are not fond of taking big risks. They are usually quite private and will avoid public display of affection.

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