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This Is How Vicky Amazed His Client Through Palm Reading

Written by Vicky Chakraborty

October 14, 2022

Hi there, my name is Vicky, and I have been reading palms for the last 7yrs.

In this blog post, I’ll show you what happened during my recent palm reading session and how I managed to surprise my client.

We’ll also take a look at some of the things that you can learn from palm readings.

So, if you’re curious about what a palm reading can tell you, read on!

A Brief Introduction Of The Client

The client is a 32yr old ambidextrous female who had come to me for an online palm reading.

She had opted for the comprehensive palm reading plan along with numerology as an add-on.

Before we begin, I would like to mention that for her privacy, I will be referring to her as Roma (name changed) throughout this article.

How I Analyzed Her Palm

Roma had sent her handprints and followed a structured approach when reading her palms.

Please note that a comprehensive palm reading can also be performed from photographs.

I prefer to read in the following order:

  • Hand Shape and Elements
  • Fingers
  • Fingerprints
  • Skin Ridge Patterns and Palm Lines
  • Numerological Forecasts

I have tested this method on numerous clients, and based on their feedback, I can say that it works best for me in terms of accuracy.

Alright, with that being said, let’s get started.


I took virtual measurements of her palm on my computer. I found out that she had a rectangular palm with long fingers, indicating water element.

So she is creative, flexible, and adaptable. Relationships and feelings are important to her.

I also observed that her lines had a fiery quality, indicating a combination of elements, i.e., water and fire. So she can quickly muster a lot of energy, but this combination of elements also makes her prone to burnout and exhaustion after a certain period of exertion.


an image showing characteristics of various fingers in palmistry


Her thumb was upright and straight, which indicated that even though she was flexible and adaptable, she could be quite stubborn in certain situations.

She also held her thumb close to her hand, which showed her private and cautious nature.

The multiple horizontal lines on her right-hand thumb tip indicated that she might have been facing difficulties in getting what she wanted.

Index Finger

Her index finger was large, indicating a strong influence from her mother. Her mother may have been a strong figure, or she was absent/needy/difficult during her childhood.

This feature also showed her sense of responsibility and high standards. She is good at directing other people and prefers to be in charge. I validated the same using her date of birth (17/11/1989). She has life path number 1, so I knew she had an excellent ability to take the lead.

Her large index finger also indicated that she did not like flashy personalities.

Her bent index finger indicated that her sense of self-esteem came from her structures like family, work, religion, etc. She most likely feels good when she receives approval from her parents or boss.

Her index finger is jutting away, which shows that she has independent opinions. She may not like being told what to do as she prefers independence and autonomy.

Middle Finger

Her middle finger was a bit short, which indicated that she was not fond of rules and regulations set by others. She is also not fond of doing things the conventional way.

The bent tip on her right hand showed her need for solitude.

Her middle finger and ring finger were held together, which suggested she had concerns about her future and security.

Little Finger

Her little finger was large, which showed her talent with words and language. The slight bent at the tip of her little finger suggested that she is quite diplomatic regarding communication.

Her low-set little finger indicated that she may have lacked a rewarding relationship with her father during her childhood.

Her father may have been physically/emotionally/psychologically absent, or distant during her early years. It’s also possible that she may have struggled to get her father’s attention.


an image showing the types of fingerprints on a persons hand


Most of her fingertips contain loops. In total, there are eight ulnar loops and one radial loop. These indicate sensitivity and her need for abundant love, intimacy, and closeness.

The quality of her relationships and feeling appreciated are important aspects of her life.

She puts her heart into everything and needs a soulmate who appreciates this.

The drawback of so many loops is heightened sensitivity which can cause her to get upset from even a small rejection.

Radial Loop

She has a radial loop on her left index finger which adds to her receptive side. She has a chameleon-like quality that allows her to adapt and mold based on her perceived expectations of other people.

She seeks praise and approval from her peers and is very kind, caring, and empathic.

Her self-esteem is derived from others, which is why she always tries to please and be hyper-nice. She does this to avoid rejection which can be very demeaning for her.

I suggested she spend some time alone to recharge, as she gives a lot to others.

It’s also the lowest-ranking fingerprint on her palm, indicating her struggles with passion, self-belief, and shame.


The whorl on her right-hand index finger shows her need to work unsupervised. Privacy is important for her.

She may have a strong need to create her own niche in life.

It also suggests that she may have difficulty taking orders and dislikes large crowds.

This is also the highest-ranking fingerprint which suggests a life purpose of leadership. We will discuss her life purpose in a separate section.

Skin Ridge Patterns

an image showing composite loop on the mount of moon

Double Loop On Mount Of Moon

She has a double loop on her mount of moon. It shows that she is good at evaluating both sides of a situation and solving people’s problems. She also has a natural sense of justice and fairness.

This feature makes her sensitive to the emotions of her loved ones.

Studying gender, sexuality, and psychology might be interesting for her.

The downside is that she suffers emotional and mental uncertainty when making decisions.

Since the mount of moon represents our inner emotions, the presence of a double loop can suggest that she is prone to experiencing great emotional ups and downs. This can result in mood swings and confusion about her feelings.

I told her that it’s vital that even when facing inner turmoil, she should stick to a partner who offers stability above everything else.

Major Lines

an image showing major lines and their markings in palmistry

Heart Line

Her heart line seems long, straight, and braided. It shows that she is kind and considerate and may have difficulty expressing her emotions. She tends to hold onto emotional stories and replay them in her head.

Multiple downward drooping branches from her heart line suggest there may have been disappointments in relationships.

A floating branch over the heart line on her right palm indicates that she puts up a socially acceptable face to guard her emotions. What appears on her face might differ from what goes on inside her. This feature also suggests trust issues as she feels disconnected from her gut-level emotions.

I suggested to her that whenever she is making a decision, she should take some time to process it emotionally.

Her heart line also has a blotch at the center, indicating that she might have undergone some emotional crisis.

Head Line

She has a Sydney line on her left palm. It suggests that her intellect reigns over her emotions. The Sydney line gives the potential to be a single-minded researcher on a subject of her choice.

The downside is that her mind is always alert and switched on, which may cause her to ignore her body’s needs. This can sometimes result in difficulty with sleep, digestion, and appetite.

I told her that the answer to this problem lies in Yoga. It will help restore the balance between her mind and body.

Another downside of the Sydney line is that it prevents her from connecting with her inner self. So I recommended meditation to help her connect with her inner world.

The Sydney line also gives her a calm exterior as it blocks her deep emotions come to the surface. So while she might be caring and compassionate, it might be difficult for her peers to get to know her intimately.

Life Line

Her life line on her right hand goes straight to the mount of the moon, indicating that she is restless and likes to travel. She may settle abroad or away from her place of birth.

On the left hand, it has a sort of an overlap that shows her inner desire to branch out, explore and see a new side of life. She wishes to experience life in a way that is different from her up­bringing.

Her life line also has branches towards the mount of Jupiter, showing your spiritual side and her efforts to improve herself and achieve a higher status in life.

An upward branch pointing to Jupiter on the right hand indicates that around 22yrs, she may have experienced a sense of achievement or freedom due to some event in her life.

An upward branch pointing to Saturn on the right hand indicates that around 36yrs, there is a good possibility of a new direction in her career or workplace. It’s also possible that there might be new commitments associated with home.

Fate Line

Her fate line starts from the mount of moon, which shows that she will select a career based on her inner drives. Her career choices might differ from her parent’s, and her work pattern may change and evolve continuously.

It also indicates her creative talents and natural preference for fields in which there is a connection with people.

Her feelings of success may rise and fall depending on her popularity and feedback from others.

On her left hand, around 32, the fate lines have doubled, indicating the possibility of a side hustle, hobby, or additional responsibilities.

Minor Lines

an image showing minor lines and their markings in palmistry

Teacher’s Square

It shows her urge to improve by learning new subjects and then passing this knowledge to others.

This feature is again supported by her large little finger suggesting your ability to explain things clearly and concisely.

Girdle Of Venus

This feature suggests her sensitive, open-hearted, idealistic, benevolent, visually imaginative, and compassionate nature. It also shows her interest in spirituality and mysticism.

Sensitivity to touch, lights and sound is also possible with this marking.

This marking also increases her chances of indulging in escapist and destructive habits to numb emotional pain. So I warned her to stay away from such addictive behavior.

Loyalty Line

It shows your strong sense of loyalty, trust, and commitment.

Maintaining and preserving ties with her familial, cultural, and social groups is important as she needs a sense of belonging.

Line Of Clairvoyance

It indicates her awareness of non-material realms, psychic perception, and strong intuitive ability.

E.g. she may be able to feel the energy of a room even after people have left.

Intensity Line

It suggests that she may find it difficult to relax and switch off. She craves stimulation through excitement, thrills, and adventure.

This feature can also make you prone to addictive temptations like sex, drugs, overeating, alcohol, etc.

The upside is that this marking also gives her a restless form of energy which, if she focuses and directs, can help her live her life to the max.

Vertical Lines On Venus

It shows that she has support from family members, friends, teachers, children, or a pet.

Numerological Predictions


She may find herself in an environment that she eventually learns to extract from and form her own sense of self.

This period may be marked by situations that may cause acquiescence or rebellion.

She’ll learn how to develop her creative talents, leadership, and independence during this period.


She’ll be focused on her career and finance, or she may marry someone who is. Career and ambition may take center stage in her life.

Situations may arise that might test her assertiveness and reserve.

She needs to avoid indulging in addictions or being too rebellious.

Proper management and balance of control will yield excellent results during this period.


This year will be a time for her to slow down and self-contemplate.

It’s also an excellent time to conduct research, analysis and gain expertise on a topic of her choice.

Life Purpose

Her life purpose is about using her power out in the world.

She has the potential to envision the way around how things could be and then inspire others to assist in achieving a larger vision.

She reaps meaning from being in charge. Her key to living this life purpose is to envision what she wants, make practical plans, and then prioritize her steps and goals to achieve it.

Her Feedback When I Shared The Analysis With Her

Roma took the time to go through my entire reading and give me a very detailed feedback. I am grateful to her.

I have shared the unedited version below:

Elements – I always have to be careful to keep my energy steady and avoid burnout & exhaustion from doing too much in one go.

Thumb – I can be very stubborn at times! I tend to be quite private when meeting people for the first few times. Making what I want happen is proving to be a looooong process.

Index Finger – Yes my mum’s pretty prominent in my life, in some ways I felt a disconnection from her when I was younger but I was closer to her than my father. Self esteem has tended to come from others (source of validation) but I’m learning to validate and value myself now.

Middle Finger – I like to break rules (that others set). Solitude/time to myself is important. It’s only recently I’ve noticed it sticking to the ring finger! I’m having to make a lot of decisions about my future/where will I live/how will I afford to live etc etc..

Little Finger – I love words. I have had to be very very diplomatic at times… Distance with father has continued to grow. I had to make the decision around age 21/22 to cease contact as much as possible. He doesn’t accept my decision but I’ve been a lot happier since.

Fingerprints – All correct. I find rejection hard and I struggle when people don’t like me (is it my fault etc etc) but I’m getting better with this. I don’t like crowds of people even in a social situation with friends, I prefer fewer and better quality conversations as I don’t get too overwhelmed.

Composite Loop in Moon – Makes so much sense thank you! I find psychology fascinating (yet another career choice for later in my life – I think). Mental health ups and downs – 2018 was a big mental health low for me, I was burnt out and pretty close to a breakdown.

Heart Line – Lots of (family) emotional crises aged 17-22.

Head Line – Very true, I have systems in place now to help me sleep better. My homeopath has been great at re-balancing everything in my body for me too. I’ve not tried Yoga but I do like doing my own stretches so I’ll look into this, thank you!

Life Line – I find travelling/other cultures/languages/exploration/learning all very nourishing and will probably move to another country to live. (I was looking at Italy but the paperwork is even stricter and harder since Brexit sooo… maybe further down the line). My mum and her parents moved around for many years as she was growing up – in different countries and continents. Age 22 my parents divorced, my life changed massively and I gained a huge sense of freedom.

Fate Line – No one else in my family works in the esoteric fields! My mum trained in Tarot but hasn’t pursued it for work (her self esteem issues). I like to work with people but under my own choice of schedule etc. I turned 32 in November 2021 and that was when I seriously decided to start work in the esoteric fields alongside my “normal” part time job.

Teacher’s Square – I’ve always been good at explaining things clearly to others & will probably end up doing teaching of some kind.

Girdle of Venus – All true. I’m very visual in my approach! I learned many years ago that I have a powerful self destruction button and I’ve tried to avoid it ever since!

Loyalty Line – I am loyal up to the point I get hurt and then I have to cut the person off (as self preservation). I’ll be friends with someone forever but if they deliberately hurt me I can never trust them again.

Clairvoyance – All true and very strong.

Intensity Line – I avoid alcohol/drugs (I’ve seen those abused by people I know) and some foods due to intolerances. I can’t indulge in the way I would like to sometimes! Stimulation – I always eat 3 meals a day and often snacks too to keep my energy up (water/fire burn out etc).

At the end of the reading, she said that my analysis helped her better understand herself.

She was also impressed with the way I explained the report to her and how I made it easy for her to understand.

She also told me she would definitely be using my services again in the future.


All in all, Roma was quite surprised by the accuracy of her palm reading.

I’m glad that I could help her see things in a new light.

If you’re curious about what palm readings can reveal about you, consider booking a reading with me.

You might be surprised by how accurate they can be!

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