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Gap Between Fingers: A Quick And Easy Guide To Understand Their Significance

Written by Robin Lown

Robin Lown is described by those who know and consult him as a ‘Master Craftsman’ of Palmistry. His accuracy has been tested and proven in Numerous TV and Radio appearances in press and magazine articles over many years.

July 25, 2022

When was the last time you waved ‘consciously’ to a friend?

Have you ever wondered what the gaps between your fingers could mean to a professional hand reader? Even from just a wave of your hand?

It turns out that these small spaces have a much larger story to tell about your outer character and deeper personality!

This article will take a closer look at the meaning of each gap and how you can use this information to your advantage. 

So keep reading to learn more.

How to Measure the Gap Between Fingers?

Let’s look at how to spot and measure the gaps and learn what they indicate.

Remember that the gaps are changing and moving as you use your hands. Just like our brains, our hands are hardly still for long.

Most of the time, we don’t look at our hands in motion unless we are a hand model, a dancer, or an artist, where a keen eye for such detail is crucial.

What we do with our hands is naturally linked to our minds and brains. Our hand actions become almost subconscious movements, active in the moment.

However, what might we see if we could ‘freeze the frame,’ say of a waving gesture to a friend? Maybe then you might notice your fingers and their spaces.

Our fingers are not always equally spaced as we may think. However, these spaces can change even at the moment.

They can shut down and close up when we hear bad news or we feel under pressure emotionally in some way.

This is why professional hand readers like me refer to these spaces as the ‘ethereal hand spaces’ because our hands are an extension of our brain’s response to the subtle changes of energies surrounding us at any one time.

Our energy field responds to our surroundings. Our thoughts and feelings are expressed constantly through the movements of our hands and fingers.

Our digits are like the tentacles of sea anemones responding to ocean currents.

hand kept on a table to notice gaps between fingers and interpret their meaning using palmistry

Ok, let’s try it! Pretend to wave to a friend right now – ‘Freeze Frame’- hold it still and immediately place your hand down on a flat surface in front of you.

This will usually be our dominant hand. To a hand reader, this shows your nature’s conscious, cognitive side.

Yes, most of us have two hands, a left and a right. About 15% of people are left-handed, the rest right-handed.

But, for the sake of this article, I have assumed that the dominant hand is the one we use to wave with.

Now you could do this while sitting at a desk or on any flat surface.

Try placing your hand down in front of you, and don’t move it or your fingers. Now observe how your palm sits almost flat face down and watch the gaps between your digits.

Some people have very little space between their fingers, while others naturally space out their fingers like a fan.

Your gaps may be somewhere in between wide and closed.

Wide gaps between all your digits, which include the space between your thumb and first finger, show that you have an open and friendly personality.

As such, you will happily be your extrovert and social self with all people.

You won’t curb your behaviors to satisfy the critical needs of others. What you see is what you get is your mindset!

You will always be ready to take on whatever comes at you! Open spaces and honest people are a comfortable zone for you, and you have a natural expressive need to share and show your friendly ways with others.

meaning of widely spaced fingers in palmistry

If these gaps are quite extreme, you will also want the world to notice you. You may focus your need for recognition in some particular showy way.

meaning of closely spaced fingers in palmistry

Suppose you show very few gaps between your fingers, and the gap between your thumb and first finger is more closed.

In this case, you tend to be shy, finding it more challenging to be a natural mixer with people.

You will most likely prefer your own company and may not seek the bright lights and bustle of social interactions or even dance to the music.

You may feel less comfortable mixing with others in group situations, social gatherings, and at loud, crazy parties.

Your mindset is more likely to be reflective, seeking some solitude in peaceful surroundings and possibly a quiet walk in the moonlight.

Of course, some exceptions can crop up, just like translations in different languages. Still, other features within the hands can often explain these exceptions.

What Do The Gaps Between Your Fingers Indicate?

Gap Between Thumb and Index Finger

The first gap to consider in more detail is the natural gap between your index finger and thumb.

This gap has raised us above the apes in our evolution; it’s called the ‘juxtaposition’ space of your finger and thumb.

We have to judge the angle of opening between these digits to get a good ‘grip’ on life.

Look at the positions of these digits hand-down on a flat surface after the pretend wave. Give your hand a quick shake, place it down again, and judge that gap. This gap can vary sometimes.

According to the experienced palmist (hand psychologist), this gap shows:

  • How ‘open’ our interactive style is.
  • How willing we are to meet and mix with others.
  • How we will meet our challenges along our worldly life path.

meaning of large gap between thumb and index finger in palmistry

A wider gap between index finger and thumb, of about 60%, is about the average space and will show that you are generally ‘open’ to challenges, engaging and interacting well with others.

meaning of small gap between thumb and index finger in palmistry

However, if you have a narrower angle, say 45 degrees or less, you may be less likely to want to be interactive and up for life’s challenges.

Such an angle indicates that you may ‘close down’ opportunities to interact. For example, you may exhibit some shyness and reticence to approach social situations with others in an easy-going manner.

You may also be guarded, shy away from direct challenges, and remain careful about whom you may keenly share and open up to.

meaning of hyper flexible thumb in palmistry

Ok, what about those people with more extreme angles of juxtaposition, about 90% or more!

Well, you people are going to be out there, often quite daring and generally into the physical aspects of life in a big, lively way, compared to those with the closer gaps.

You will likely be the life and soul of any party or social interaction.

You will most likely enjoy the physical rough and tumble pursuits in life.

You could be sporty, particularly if you also have a large thumb knuckle. With this addition, you will like to move well about the hips.

You may not know this, but in the ancient practice of hand reflexology, this area connects to the physical flexibility of the hips and backbone.

Suppose you do have a large gap here naturally and without forcing it. In that case, it shows you will have the flexibility and the resilience to overcome most of life’s challenges head-on.

You will always be ready and willing to maneuver and take some risks too. You may even enjoy a very physical sporty hobby or go rock climbing and hang off rocks. Or be the only one to challenge your boss directly!

Gap Between Index and Middle Finger

So, what about the gap between the index and the middle finger? Is this just a small or a wide gap?

Again, this can change depending on your outlook, mood, or the side of the bed you got out of. But, as I had pointed out earlier, the finger gaps are always there to some degree. You can notice it when anyone waves their hand to a friend or a crowd.

meaning of a large gap between index finger and middle finger in palmistry

If you have this gap, your index (first finger) will fall away naturally and leave a large gap between it and the middle finger.

To the trained observer, they would know this tends to show the ‘degree’ of independent thinking concerning everyday affairs.

Not everyone has strong opinions or will voice them to any degree.

The closer the gap (in degree) these two fingers show, the less of an opinion you may have or wish to share.

meaning of a small gap between index finger and middle finger in palmistry

If you have a tiny gap in this place, you tend to accept the ‘status-quo’ and are less engaged in critical thinking.

So, one could say, depending on the ‘degree’ of this gap, the greater the degree, the greater the chance the owner will express their independently derived opinions in any situation.

Gap Between Middle and Ring Finger

Now, the gap between the middle finger and ring finger is connected with the psychological needs of the owner to take risks.

meaning of a small gap between middle finger and ring finger in palmistry

A closed gap (where the fingers seem to ‘hug’ each other for support) shows you’re psychologically more risk-averse.

The wider the gap, the greater the chance you would naturally take financial and emotional risks.

meaning of a large gap between middle finger and ring finger in palmistry

A consistent wide gap would mean that you’re a natural risk-taker. This particular personality aspect will undoubtedly be in play if you show this gap. Either that or your name is SPOCK, and you want to ‘Live long and prosper!’

Gap Between Ring and Little Finger

The final gap for consideration is between the ring and little finger. This gap depends on one’s mood or personal situation.

meaning of a large gap between ring finger and little finger in palmistry

If you have a gap here, this would indicate that you would be very independent in your actions.

The more significant the gap, the more independent action you will take that could separate you from the herd. It would help if you had the personal freedom to choose your own course of action.

You may notice an excess of this space in the hands of actors and performers of all kinds.

In the general realm of hand observation, these people have a strong inner need to be self-expressive in some personal and independent way.

meaning of a small gap between ring finger and little finger in palmistry

Again, what about the little finger hugging the ring finger? The polar opposite will apply to all narrow spaces here. We could also use the term; the narrower the gap, the greater the degree of inhibition the owner will display.

The most natural form of emotional self-expression and intimacy will likely feel uncomfortable for you. Chances are, you may struggle to express this aspect of your life.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Balanced Gap Between Fingers?

meaning of balanced gaps between fingers in palmistry

Well, if you do have balanced gaps between all your fingers and on both hands, you are what it shows: an open personality who will be able to take on life in both hands!

You may still want the world to notice you, but you will always try your best to deal with life situations the world throws at you!

I’m often asked, “If I keep practicing and making my finger gaps equal, will this create a balanced life for me?” Generally, my answer to this is: “not necessarily.”

It’s like the “chicken and the egg” problem. Your fingers’ positions and settings don’t change much over the years.

Our hands and fingers are the tools for our unique genetically patterned life, which our nature and nurture intended.

One can try and create a balanced wave, but one’s unique character and personality can’t hide for long!

We can try and change how our hands and fingers show and fall. Still, unconsciously your hand and finger position will always return to how your brain is configured through your nature and nurture.

Examples Of Famous People With Different-Sized Gaps

As hand gestures communicate almost unconsciously to the masses, it’s interesting that many important public figures and royals have had ‘hand waving’ lessons.

A former English Prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, even had a hand operation to wave more easily to her audiences. But it probably didn’t change her character.

The question remains, can we be so self-aware all the time as we all trip unconsciously into living our life path and program?

Let’s look at some other examples.

interpreting Donald Trump's finger gaps with palmistry

Donald Trump’s right-hand shows a clear gap between his second digit (index finger) and his (third digit) middle finger. This shows he has strong personal opinions and convictions and is not at all averse to expressing them.

interpreting Amber Heard's finger gaps with palmistry

Amber’s fingers on her right hand are pretty closed, except for a slight gap between her little finger and ring finger. This shows an unwillingness to be open and interactive with others. Her wave is awkward and introspective. This picture shows she is blocking all her expression and hiding her emotions. Hardly surprising, as this was the beginning of her court case against Johnny Depp.

Since our youngest years, we have always been part of our nature and nurture. So our hands do the bidding of our brain, i.e., its past, present, and possible future programming. We are, therefore, what we are, how we are, and how we WILL be!

Have you ever watched your own and other families use similar hand gestures while intuitively understanding their context without using words?

Such has been the use of hand gestures to communicate a thousand words and help us all survive.

Our hands are linked inexorably to our brains, whether at play or under threat. They carry the brain’s messages to our fingers and fingertips, each containing 200 sensory receptors, sensitive to touch and temperature.

Our hands are a complicated bit of biological and sensory machinery.

Hand positions and gestures have been vital to our species’ evolution and survival. Nowadays, it seems to me that we have almost lost the art and craft of using and reading nature’s cues and clues.

I would wager that the average person in the street would hardly even consider that this “Hand Craft” could link character and personality like sentences in the book of life. Let alone would they even believe it’s learnable!

These bits of knowledge, when you are observant and well-practiced, can be handy to know and understand others in almost any context where people interact and mingle.

Good for business, good for trading, and suitable for dating! With a bit of practice and understanding, we can begin to see the true nature of those we meet even without them knowing?

So, what’s in a wave? Try out what I have written about here.

It’s better to try this out on yourself before trying it out on others.

Hopefully, they would agree to you taking a look for the sake of your very own personal interest, research and hand study.

I am sure it will entertain and even surprise you. Be aware that many people like to try and be an exception to any rule, human nature, I guess.

So many people dislike a know-it-all. Still, they are usually interested and willing to see what you can decode and tell about them.

So go sensitively and explain gently. Remember, there can be exceptions to any rule. But then human nature, I’m sure you would agree, is never less than fascinating.

In my article about rings on fingers, I mention that while we actively decipher other people’s hands, they keep trying to convince themselves and us otherwise.

Yes, they’ll say, ‘That’s the only finger the ring fitted…and anyway I like it there”…. etc. But remember, there is always a ‘hand-psychology’ reason behind their wearing them and their finger positions too.

You may surprise others with your informed insights using hand psychology and gain their interest by explaining what a good hand reader can do.

Once learned and well-practiced, it will be a source of enlightenment and even some surprise to those whose hands you may care to look at.

Despite missing an interaction in a ‘freeze-frame’ from a photograph or the television, you can still see through any bluff and bluster they may be trying to hide behind.

The face and mouth can lie, but in my experience, the hands never do.

As we say, a picture can paint a thousand words.

Palmistry is like learning to play a musical instrument. It will take some time, practice, and patience, but Rome wasn’t built in a day!!

From now on, we might all think twice before waving to a Palmist. So, Mind those gaps!!


There you have it!

Now that you know the significance of the gaps between your fingers, what will you do with this information? Mention it in the comments below.

If you’re still curious to learn more about yourself or want to know how to use this information to your best advantage. In that case, I suggest you enroll in my beginner’s hand-reading class.

I run this course through the College of Psychic Studies UK.

After this, you may wish to continue your hand studies by signing up for my PRIVATE online Master-classes. You will be surprised how much you can learn and understand what your palms can reveal.

I hope this guide has been helpful and provided some valuable insight into yourself and others around you. Thanks for reading!

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